Former U.S. CTO: The Future of Digital is Human…How CX is Driving the Evolution of Technology

Disruption is affecting the competitive landscape in every single industry today. The disruption is not driven solely by new technologies, like AI, AR/VR, automation, blockchain, cloud or intelligent mobile apps, but in expectations around the “customer experience” or CX itself. That is where new value is being created for consumers, citizens, employees, patients and other end users.

Expectations may be one of the biggest challenges to address because as technology continues to evolve, expectations continue to rise. For many organizations, there’s a lot of work still to be done before positive CX results can be realized. Until those needs are addressed, companies risk losing revenue and customers.

Watch for this view of technology’s future and learn how to design around the CX.

  • The future of technology that enhance CX
  • The five essentials for driving a positive CX
  • The reality of leveraging people, process and technology to improve CX

Five Essentials for a Driving Positive Customer Experience in 2020: Read blog article





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