Panel: THL, PwC, IBM & Avasant Discuss Shift to Intelligent Automation

In partnership with Josh Bresler, the managing director of Thomas H. Lee’s automation fund, IRPA AI’s Daniel Goodstein hosts an expert panel on “Going beyond RPA and the shift towards Intelligent Automation” with leaders from PwC Labs, IBM’s Cognitive Process Automation Group & Avasant.

In this panel, we discuss:

– why most RPA users are seeking intelligent automation
– the low-hanging fruit for intelligent automation
– how has COVID has impacted the deployment of automation
– advice for evaluating intelligent automation offerings

For a free briefing with one of IRPA AI’s subject matter experts, go to http://bit.ly/buyerbriefing or click “Ask an Industry Expert”.

For Intelligent Automation training, visit https://irpaai.com/ciap


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