Timing is Everything: Roland Judas, Technical Evangelist of arago nets out “How IT Can Move From ‘Keeping the Lights On’ to a More Strategic Asset”

They say timing is everything. Here at IRPA AI, we are very conscious of timing and how important it is to keep our members informed on the topics and discussions that matter most to our emerging industry. Roland Judas, Technical Evangelist of arago offers not only a most compelling read in his white paper “How IT Can Move From ‘Keeping the Lights On’ to a More Strategic Asset” but a very timely read as well. There’s a startling set of statistics that point to the need for IT to focus more on using intelligent automation for innovation and business transformation over rote tasks and low-value processes. With 2016 just around the corner, we’ve reached a point where in order to gain competitive advantage, IT organization must unshackle themselves from activities with relatively low added value, and concentrate on higher-value functions that add significantly to the bottom line. Whether you are developing and delivering transformative applications, creating IT-based models for customer self-service or analyzing huge amounts of unstructured data to make smarter decisions, the time is ripe to embrace the benefits intelligent automation brings to IT organizations.

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