Sourcing Better Testing and Development Solutions in a Post COVID-19 World

Hands off!
These days the less people touch things, the better. COVID-19 has certainly forced new remote-working challenges on many companies.

In our April 30th webinar, “Sourcing Better Testing and Development Solutions in a Post COVID-19 World”, seasoned nearshoring and automation experts  from IT consultancy StrategyShore as well as Dextra  will discuss how working this way will need to be a part of every company’s DNA going forward and share remarkable examples of how incessant focus on automation has enabled clients to do just that – keep their hands off things that do not require a human touch.

You will hear stories of:
– How clients working with providers in a more local proximity has enabled them to automate testing of business applications, firmware and even devices where testing the physical device itself is necessary
– Solutions in testing multi-platform, multi-product and multi-version configurations that represent client realities

This session is sponsored by Dextra, a nearshore service provider providing lower total cost of ownership, agile excellence and employees who speak up and challenge you to be your best in real-time.

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A complimentary webinar hosted by the
Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Sponsored by Dextra





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