Using AI to Optimize Supply Chains & Improve Demand Planning

Today’s businesses survive depending on how effectively they can sense and react to situations in a dynamic and unpredictable world.

Traditional approaches, including forward-looking multi-seasonal planning, merchandising, sourcing, and supply-chain decisions, are strangling retail and manufacturing companies.
The proof is in the spate of recent bankruptcies. All of these organizations had one common factor — a complete mismatch between demand and supply.

Business models are made of two elements: data and decisions. Data is now abundant and getting richer by the minute; in turn, decisions need to be made rapidly at the organization’s edge — where demand meets supply.

Join IRPA AI for a free virtual roundtable discussion for senior executives on 23rd of November covering how AI is being used to integrate critical external factors into the supply chain to provide an accelerated optimization in inventory, reduced uncertainty, lower operations cost, and faster customer response in Extended multi-echelon companies.

Using Artificial Intelligence, businesses can provide a real-time and touch-less dynamic routing of inventory, thereby significantly accelerate customer response time, improve the predictability of operations, and reduce issues and disruptions. They can use the inventory intelligently, effectively connecting operations to planning in a data-driven way, hence driving faster time to value. 

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