Visualizing Business Process Flow Performance

Over 25% of business processes still have human intervention that interrupt their flow and timely execution, which is why businesses are undergoing rapid transformation to keep their competitive advantages or risk being left behind. The digital revolution is here.

Flow Monitoring provides real time monitoring against business relevant targets and is used by Operations and IT staff on a day-to-day basis to ensure smooth running of critical business flows to deliver end product outcomes.  Using a top down approach on critical operational processes provides improved fault management – giving end users the real-time situational awareness they need to respond to issues both proactively and reactively, and improved problem management.

In this webinar, “Visualizing Business Process Flow Performance,” HCL Technologies presents an overview of how its DRYiCETM iControl enables powerful horizonal process flow visibility. It gives deep, granular, and highly customizable insights into various process parameters.

Viewers of “Visualizing Business Process Flow Performance,” will learn:

  • The DRYiCETM difference and why it is important to link your business flow to your data
  • How to use data visualization for different personas to integrate decision making
  • How to use end-to-end intelligent and proactive process flow monitoring to drive operational efficiencies




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