Webinar: The End of Outsourcing? RPA is Here to Stay

There are many opportunities for robotic process automation (RPA) robots to work alongside human workers as assistants, and knowing this fact will help call for a new work synergy, one between human and robot. For example, while a customer service representative may be communicating with a client, that representative may use this assisted automation technology to access necessary information about the client, fill an order, or communicate data between the front and back offices. Experts in the BPO and IT spaces know that robotic process automation has the potential to revolutionize the way we do business. What does the future hold as RPA becomes more and more prevalent in the business world? It’s been estimated that dull and unfulfilling tasks take up about 80 percent of people’s day-to-day lives. By using RPA technology that mimics human behaviors, will humans finally be free to redirect their talents toward actions that have higher value results?

Join us for our Summer Lunch and Learn webinar series as we dive into Chapters 3 & 4 of our ebook, ‘Introduction to Robotic Process Automation – A Primer’, developed and written by IRPA AI in association with Carnegie Mellon University. In this webinar, we invited a panel of experts to provide their perspective on:

• The End of Outsourcing? The Call for a New Synergy
• Welcome to the Future: Robotic Process Automation Is Here to Stay

Raheem Hasan, President & Co-Founder

Barry Matthews, Managing Director, Alsbridge
Eric Shander, VP, Global Technology Services, IBM Global Services

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