This December saw the fruition of our second annual Automation Innovation conference. And what a difference a year makes! Building on the momentum of our first event in 2014 which attracted early adopters and those curious to learn about RPA; this year we Sold Out our New York event and came just shy of selling out our first-ever event in London. If you attended, you would have seen many logos you were familiar with and a whole host of new ones.

This is a real testament to the maturing of the marketplace in the short span of 12 months with a number of new entrants, new capabilities and new value being delivered.

This year’s conference theme, “Preparing for 2016 - the Year of the Robot” , was embraced through lively and engaging discussions on the latest trends and developments in autonomics, AI, and cognitive solutions integrating with RPA,

the impact these solutions are having on the outsourcing ecosystem, real world use cases and through thought leadership presentations from the leading RPA technology & service providers in the industry.

A majority of the presentations and discussions served to underscore the fact that we as an industry have truly arrived! We are on the other side of pilots and proof of concepts and are starting to see real traction as RPA, AI and cognitive technologies have matured.

The dialogue has also shifted in a significant way, moving beyond discussions where technology replaces people, to technology working with people to augment labor, increase performance and lower costs and offering streams of value. The impact of RPA on performance and compliance benefits is coming to the forefront as buyers realize the value beyond cost save.

Welcome to 2016, The Year of the Robot!

On this site you can review presentations, view the photo gallery and review the entire conference agenda.

Message from the Conference Chairs

Raheem Hasan, President and Co-Founder

Institute for Robotic Process Automation

I am delighted to say we had a record 500+ registered attendees at our Automation Innovation conferences with almost half of the attendees representing the buyer community, a real testament to the maturing of the RPA marketplace. People gathered from near and far to learn about the technology and to hear from the providers in this space, attending packed and riveting sessions, discussing and debating the latest trends and hot topics in intimate panels and exploring our exhibitor’s offerings.

What struck me most, was that each time I walked out of our main room, 40-50 people were seating in individual meeting spaces deep in discussions. Automation Innovation’s underlying success was the invaluable opportunity it provided to network with old friends and new -- and the relationships that were established or enhanced because of this event.

We offer a huge thanks to all who attended, participated and made the conference the great event it was. We are looking forward to hosting next year’s Automation Innovation as we move from understanding the technology more deeply to witnessing its tangible results.

Derek Toone, Managing Director

RPA Advisory Services, Alsbridge

Alsbridge has been pioneering the RPA space for several years now, and this is the second year that we co-chaired IRPA’s Automation Innovation conference. The conference was given the moniker the “Year of the Robot” and lived up to the vaunted billing with almost half the attendees coming from Fortune 500 companies using RPA and the other half from leading RPA analysts, consultants and software vendors. The thought leadership brought to the conference by the presenters was exceeded only by the outputs of the day’s collaboration with the attendees.

Truly a great event forging the path ahead for Robotic Process Automation in the years to come.



The future of outsourcing is here and its impact is impressive. This one-day experience is geared to educate and inform you of the transformation of outsourcing and what it means for the future of careers and business processes. While the nascent disruption in outsourcing is still a mystery to most in the industry, the onset of Robotic Process Automation has begun... Don’t let your business be left behind.

Just as industrial robots have transformed the manufacturing industry by creating higher production rates and improved quality, robotic virtual machines are revolutionizing the way you will administer business, IT, support and workflow processes.



The Continuum of Intelligent Automation
How RPA, Autonomics and Cognitive are Coming of Age

HfS Research shared recent research on the raw truth of where the industry is with Intelligent Automation including a new maturity model for the state of robotic process automation and our inaugural Autonomics Premier League as well. This session brought together emerging themes on the evolution of Intelligent Automation and what that means for enterprises, service providers, software vendors and advisors for the next few years.

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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence
Implications for Jobs and the Economy

Martin Ford’s presentation and proceeding power panel provided a glimpse into the future, why it matters, and how innovation realities on the ground are being accelerated today.

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Can we Foxtrot that?

EnableSoft and one of their top clients, shared highlights of their 20-year journey that dramatically improved how the banking, healthcare, and many other industries manage unstructured data processes. The case studies and examples presented include automating entire customer and account conversions, data breach recovery, workflow integration, and data and system management.

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Automation's one-two punch.

RPA is having its 5 minutes of fame right now. It’s a decent first step towards a digitized, efficient information operation. But it’s only a first step. Adam Devine anatomized and explained the modern automation ecosystem and provided a future-proof automation stack for data-intensive enterprises.

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The Impact of Intelligent Automation
on the Blue Chip Economy

It’s not easy being an established company these days. Google, Facebook and others are keeping CEOs and CIOs at banks, telcos and insurance companies up at night. It’s a reasonable concern. Such companies have a seemingly endless capacity to branch out into unlikely businesses and keep innovating. Who would have thought a few years ago for instance that Google would be a player in autos?

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“It’s Time to Prepare for 2016, the Year of the Robot!”

Raheem Hasan, President & Co-Founder
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