Automation Innovation 2014 Highlights

On December 10, 2014, IRPA launched the first conference of its kind... Automation Innovation 2014! Frank Casale, Founder and CEO of IRPA and co-chair Chip Wagner, CEO of Alsbridge, kicked off our event in NYC with a bang! The day was packed full of presentations from industry leaders and innovators all ready to educate the attendees about robotic process automation and how it will be disruptive in nature and change outsourcing as we know it. The future is here… AND WE ARE ALL EMBRACING IT!

Robotic automation has made a deep mark on manufacturing and supply chain industries around the world by freeing human workers from repetitive, labor-intensive tasks, thus enabling agility in response to new markets and regulatory demands.

Recent advances in technology in the form of robotic process automation software can now be applied to back office administrative processes, information technology (IT) and customer contact functions. These advances will transform the way organizations look at workflow and business processes. It will force IT and business executives to rethink the way they plan, source and budget some of their most critical projects. While Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will certainly impact all members of the outsourcing ecosystem, it clearly goes beyond outsourcing.

IRPA’s Automation Innovation Conference brought together leading decision makers, industry influencers, thought leaders, buyers and providers alike to discover how robotic process automation is making a disrupting presence in the outsourcing industry.

On this site you can review presentations, review the agenda, and view the photo gallery and watch video interviews with some of the industry’s thought leaders.

Message from the Conference Chairs

Frank Casale, Founder & CEO

Institute for Robotic Process Automation and the Outsourcing Institute

Welcome to the future.

It was a great pleasure to host such a first of its kind gathering. We promised a day full of eye opening knowledge around robotic process automation, the benefits it bares and what to expect over the next 24 months and our team of keynote speakers, executives, practitioners and industry experts certainly delivered. With over 150 technology, sourcing and business leaders in attendance we tipped the scale for a ground-breaking event.

As we move into 2015, we at IRPA are prepared to keep you well informed of robotic process automation and how it will continue to change the outsourcing landscape, as we know it. Ready or not …The future is here!

Chip Wagner, CEO


The IRPA team did a fantastic job in preparing an agenda and gathering speakers that are on the forefront of the RPA field. Thought leaders and pioneers described how RPA requires a fundamentally new conceptual perspective. Practitioners and customers provided actual case studies and specific examples of RPA implementations. Through this process we all gained a clearer sense of the broader implications as well as the concrete benefits of this hugely important trend.

From my perspective the goal of the event was to demonstrate that RPA is a game-changer. What we got instead was a sense of what the new game will look like and what the rules will be. In that sense Frank and his team exceeded expectations in terms of both strategic vision and flawless execution.”



The future of outsourcing is here and its impact is impressive. This one-day experience is geared to educate and inform you of the transformation of outsourcing and what it means for the future of careers and business processes. While the nascent disruption in outsourcing is still a mystery to most in the industry, the onset of Robotic Process Automation has begun... Don’t let your business be left behind.

Just as industrial robots have transformed the manufacturing industry by creating higher production rates and improved quality, robotic virtual machines are revolutionizing the way you will administer business, IT, support and workflow processes.

Multimedia & Gallery



The RPA Market Landscape. How Big is the Disruption?

Keynote speaker, Phil Fersht, Founder and CEO of HfS Research and a leading authority on global business services and sourcing strategies, will provide insights on the latest services industry trends and how he sees RPA impacting the demand for traditional outsourced services.

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Robotics Process Automation

Is Robotics Process Automation (RPA) nothing more than the latest buzzword? Or is it a truly transformational enabler of cost and process efficiency? Where does RPA work... and where does it not? What do you need to do to be enterprise-ready for RPA? Sutherland Global Services will address these and other real-life issues based on actual RPA design and implementation experience across multiple industries.

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Enterprise IT Under Siege

How Changing an Automation Paradigm Can Change the Odds.

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Our Journey Into RPA with Blue Prism

Early adopters of RPA, Ascension Health will outline their RPA journey so far, explaining what they have learned, the benefits they expect to realize and their future RPA plans. You will also learn why Ascension Health decided to incorporate RPA early on in the development of their Shared Services center, how they selected processes for automation and how they chose their tools.

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“This Changes Everything! ”

Frank Casale, Founder & CEO
Institute for Robotic Process Automation and the Outsourcing Institute


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