IRPA AI Chapter Colombia

Welcome from the Chapter Lead: Isabel Palomino

Interest in RPA & AI in Colombia is growing significantly, and people are in need of information, best practices, networking opportunities, training, technology and thought leadership, so we’re leveraging expertise of IRPA AI and DAPI to launch this chapter. We’re proud to name the Digital Americas Pipeline Initiative as the lead of our Colombia Chapter.

About the Chapter Lead

Isabel Palomino is an experienced project manager who has been working for the last four years leading the implementation of different programs and projects related to science, technology and innovation fostering and promotion in the city of Medellin. Isabel has experience in development of technology and innovation based businesses, technology transfer, innovation capacity building in enterprises, and open data related projects. Her previous position involved working with universities, enterprises and government entities in Medellin, which allowed her to build a strong network in the local technology scene.


Stay tuned for chapter events that will be announced soon.

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