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Artificial Intelligence Incubator and Accelerator (AIIA) Post Launch Update

After IRPA AI announced the first-ever Artificial Intelligence Incubator and Accelerator (AIIA) initiative back in July, 75 start-ups expressed interest in participating. The first four start-ups have been vetted and chosen to be in the inner circle. These four start-ups were announced at IRPA AI’s 4th Annual Automation Innovation Conference.Read [...]

The Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence and Avasant Launch IRPA AI’s UK Chapter to Expand Thought Leadership in Growing RPA and AI Markets

New York, NY October 25, 2018 – The Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI), a global community of professionals focused on robotic process automation, cognitive computing, and artificial intelligence and Avasant, a global consulting firm, announce the launch of the UK Chapter of IRPA AI.Under a newly formed partnership, [...]


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Voice + Digital + Automation Equals Contact Center on Steroids

Join the former Head of Avaya Labs & the VP of Mobile Operations at Stratix, as we discuss the journey from a traditional voice-center contact center to a digital-centric one, combining capabilities of the smart phone with live interaction to create a richer, more personalized, and potentially revenue-creating customer interaction.Key Discussion Points: Bridging the gap from voice to digital-centric models Changing the business model from being too people-centric Knocking down departmental siloes Ensuring customer service consistency between channels [...]

Building a Business-Case for Customer Service Automation: A Deep-Dive into Robotic Process Automation for the Contact Center

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) landscape is saturated with vendors that provide unattended automation in back-office environments. In customer service, automation is key in reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency but only if the technology works in tandem with the human counterpart to tackle with empathy and care increasingly complex customer interactions.Automation with a human touch is where Customer Service RPA stands apart in the saturated RPA market. Customer Service RPA is the use of real-time, attended and unattended RPA to enable end-to-end customer service automation for both customer self-service and agent-assisted service interactions. It is this unique hybrid of [...]




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90% of Companies Are Doing it the Wrong Way

According to Frank Casale, IRPA AI Founder, 90% of companies that implement RPA are doing it wrong, and therefore experiencing suboptimal results. In this 3x1 (3 questions, 1 expert) interview, Frank explores why a [...]