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Institute for Robotic Process Automation & AI (IRPA AI) Announces U.S. City Chapters

New York, NY – June 13, 2019 – The Institute for Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI) announced today the plan to establish U.S. city chapters, after successfully launching country chapters in Japan, Italy, South Africa, Mexico, United Kingdom, Colombia and Malaysia that have resulted in substantial growth and engagement in these regions. Read More Here [...]


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When organizations start discussing “robots” and “automation,” employees can’t help but think, “are bots taking over my job?” But in reality, according to a Forbes study, 92% of organizations noticed an improvement in employee satisfaction after implementing RPA. Bots aren’t taking over jobs, but rather, they’re acting as digital assistants that empower employees to increase efficiency, work better with legacy systems and applications, and provide an enhanced customer experience. That’s why you need to learn how to best adopt RPA across your organization and understand the current perceptions about bots to show their true value to your team. In this webinar, [...]

Hear guest speaker Rob Koplowitz, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, and  Steve Tassell, Global Director of Product Marketing, Bizagi, share the critical factors to take into account when selecting and implementing a platform for deep process automation. Forrester’s latest research into platforms for Deep Digital Process Automation (DPA) evaluates the 10 most significant vendors in this area, identifying the key technology factors that help businesses to digitize their most complex business processes. View this webinar to learn: The critical role of Process Automation in digital transformation efforts How Deep and Wide DPA platforms differ and what to look for when evaluating How [...]



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Businesses across every industry and sector are growing increasingly reliant upon automation processes to improve organizational efficiency, boost customer satisfaction levels, and reduce operational costs. The most innovative and forward-thinking companies are consistently hearing that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) [...]

As automation technology has become more sophisticated, it is able to do more and deliver greater value to companies. Taking advantage of the full extent of this value and fully implementing automation in an enterprise [...]

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The financial services industry is increasingly competitive, with new startups and technologies ceaselessly disrupting long established business models. Financial companies are adding new products and business lines while maintaining existing businesses and related technologies. This has increased complexity of [...]


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It's all about talent! The transformational effect that RPA & AI bring to companies has created a serious shortage of experienced & qualified people who can meet the digital talent demand. According to a report published [...]