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A Holistic Approach to Unlock the Value of Automation

While many enterprises have embarked on an automation journey, very few have unlocked it's real value. One of the key reasons is that the automation programs are run with a narrow focus on RPA execution. Enterprises need to take a holistic approach to automation beginning with process discovery and identification [...]

The Present and Future of RPA Innovation at Softomotive

RPA is a large and growing part of modern business, delivering significant benefits to enterprises worldwide. As the technology evolves and its benefits become clearer, RPA solutions are entering the mainstream. Solutions will only continue to become more powerful and able to deliver greater value as technology improves and labor [...]


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Struggling with Business Justification for Small RPA Projects

As RPA becomes more mature and powerful, businesses of all sizes are looking to take advantage of its potential to increase productivity and grow the business without adding headcount. However, there is a significant amount of confusion around RPA, what it can actually do and the perceived complexity that surrounds it. This can create artificially high barriers to entry for some companies.Many have misconceptions about the high costs of RPA software, thinking that skilled consultants and infrastructure are needed to support it. This perpetuates the idea that only large RPA projects can deliver the ROI necessary to justify the project. [...]

Part Two: Veteran CTO Shares Real World Experiences Leveraging Enterprise AI

We recently heard from Mike Brady, Former CTO at AIG and SVP at Kaiser Permanente, Fidelity Investments and Merrill Lynch, as he discussed shifting beyond RPA, the importance of process thinking, co-bots and avoiding the corporate immune system.To continue the conversation, Frank Casale, IRPA AI Founder, came together with Mike Brady to explore the tectonic shift to immense productivity gains, why scale is more of a hinderance than a benefit, and how we can benefit from a hybrid workforce where Co-Bots are augmenting the customer interaction in this interview.Read More Here     [...]



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