On-Demand: Sales Hiring Masterclass

On-Demand: Sales Hiring Masterclass


Do you find sales hiring overwhelming?

Recruiting Expert Alix Grasso

When we are overwhelmed everything feels like it is too much. It’s hard to think straight or make decision. The reason why is because overwhelm causes our brain to take in a significant amount of information at once and our emotions become overloaded (do I like this person?), our memory becomes impaired (who did we interview?), and our ability to think logically is compromised (is this person the right hire?). We can be stuck in a state of inaction with even the most basic steps eluding us.

Sales hiring does not have to be like this! When you have a step by step plan even the most complex parts of running your business, i.e. growing your sales organization, can be done efficiently with an effective strategy!

This Webinar will:

• Define a framework that you can use for sales hiring within your organization

• Explore different ways to think about your go-to-market strategy to identify what a great sales talent looks like for your business

• Suggest interview processes best practices to reduce bias and hire your next Rockstar!

Through these steps you will be able to better identify interview questions that help you determine if a candidate is the right fit, determine the qualifications and experiences you’re looking for to shorten on-boarding and higher your next sales Rockstar!

Bonus – Review your go-to-market strategy against what the largest most successful SaaS companies do!

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