5 Ways to Benefit From Intelligent Automation for IT Operations

There is a real need for companies to increase performance, reduce operational costs and improve the end user experience with fewer resources than ever before.

According to Michael Engel, Intelligent Process Automation Lead at PwC, one area where companies are achieving these goals is by implementing intelligent automation to their IT operations (In fact, he’s seeing examples of organizations reducing the number of tickets by over 50% with intelligent automation).

Intelligent automation for IT operations is low hanging fruit and yields many benefits, which we highlight in this webinar.

Sam Gross, Founder & CEO at ChoiceWORX, is the former CTO at CompuCom, Unisys and CSC. In this webinar, Sam will talk about how you can bring value and benefits to your IT operations, courtesy of intelligent automation.

Joining Sam Gross is Michael Engel, Intelligent Process Automation Lead, at PwC, who shares his experiences and real life case studies.

Viweres of 5 Ways to Benefit From Intelligent Automation for IT Operations will learn:

  • Intelligent automation and how to it applies to IT operations
  • Significant advantages of intelligent automation over traditional RPA
  • How to reduce your IT operations labor cost
  • The coming revolution in user experience courtesy of IA
  • Finally, a truly transformative solution for end user device management
  • Beyond innovation: how intelligent automation will transform IT as we know it

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