6 Things to Consider Before Implementing RPA or Intelligent Automation

Before implementing RPA or intelligent automation, ask yourself these questions: What kind of automation rate and/or labor cost reduction does traditional RPA yield? What are the types of incremental efficiencies we’re seeing from cognitive or AI fueled platform? What should you do if you’ve already made a commitment to traditional RPA, but have hit a wall in regards to cost save and automation rates? If you haven’t made the move to traditional RPA, should you start with RPA or go straight to intelligent automation?

Frank Casale, Founder at IRPA AI, sat down with Creamheld Pepito, Director of Engineering, Digital Content and Process Solutions at Northwestern Mutual, Michael Engel, Intelligent Automation Leader at PwC and Tom Young, Managing Partner at RUMJog Enterprises to find out the answers to the questions and more in this interview.

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