AI Creates Delightful Customer Journeys that Result in Better Brand Experiences

Self-service and automation are viewed as the means to reducing costs and improving customer service. Consequently, enterprises are seeking to redirect their customers to digital channels.

AI-powered chat bots that can respond to natural language inquiries are increasingly viewed as a key pillar of the new customer interface. While this is consistent with consumer preferences and works for simple tasks, as customer engagement tasks get more complex a majority of consumers prefer human interaction.

In this webinar, we explore a larger role for AI in helping deliver delightful customer experiences, covering the following topics:

  • How can you incorporate digital intelligence into the many customer touch points that your enterprise maintains today, such as web site, mobile app and telephony?
  • How can you orchestrate seamless transitions across digital automation and agent delivered customer service, without loss or context or continuity?
  • How can AI-powered recommendations enable your agents to deliver smarter and more relevant service to customers?




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