“Are Robots A Threat To The Outsourcing Industry?” Special Outsourcing Feature in The Times Highlights IRPA POV

A special outsourcing feature of The Times examines the compelling issue as to whether robots are indeed a threat to the outsourcing industry – a topic near and dear to both IRPA AI’s and the Outsourcing Institute member’s hearts. Together with HfS research analyst Tom Reuner and Andrew Burgess, management consultant and director of services provider Symphony Ventures, IRPA President and Co-Founder, Raheem Hasan shares his perspective on whether the threat is real.

With close connections with members at both institutes, Hasan shares his “finger on the industry pulse” insights and weighs in on how the business process outsourcing industry is moving ahead to embrace RPA. He also notes the momentum in alliance agreements and the build out of new ecosystems. 2016 is the Year of the Robot – and now more than ever, the time is right for BPOs to get the business model right when it comes to embracing RPA. To read the complete article, click HERE

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