Best-Selling Author of “The Glass Cage” Nicholas Carr Weighs in on RPA

IRPA AI is excited to bring you another industry expert interview – this time with Nicholas Carr, the former executive editor of the Harvard Business Review and best-selling author of several books about technology including his latest work, “The Glass Cage: Automation and Us.” Nicholas sits down with IRPA AI Founder and CEO Frank Casale to discuss his new book, his infamous article from a decade ago on “IT Doesn’t Matter,” and where automation is taking our society today. Nicholas discusses the shift from thinking about automation in mechanical terms such as getting robots to do the heavy manufacturing lifting and the factory work, to the rise of what he calls the multi-talented computer and the reinvention of how work gets done. Nicholas and Frank deliberate on the “substitution myth” – the concept of the replacement of human capability in some particular part of a task or part of a process or part of an organization, and examine the role of the human expert.

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One thought on “Best-Selling Author of “The Glass Cage” Nicholas Carr Weighs in on RPA

  1. It’s an exciting phase we are entering into. The best part of RPA is that it amalgamates the best of automation, current IT technologies and products and the creative human talent. Companies will soon be forced to standardize their current complex process to gain benefits of process automation.

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