• Road to Innovation with Avasant & Usertech

    Edward Wilson-Smythe, Principal at Avasant, and Jan Beránek, CEO at Usertech joined Frank Casale, Founder at IRPA AI, to discuss key factors on why companies struggle with innovation, why middle management is delaying innovation for personal reasons, how innovation must be decentralized in order to be successful, what key challenge businesses face in the wake of digital disruption and so much more in this exclusive interview. View Interview Here         [...]

  • Solving Cross Functional RPA Scaling Issues with an Automation Center of Excellence

    In today’s fast-paced business world, leading organizations are shifting the way they conduct business in order to stay competitive. Key drivers such as customer experience, workforce value, risk control, and analytics are leading the shift from point automation practices to full-scale robotic process automation (RPA). As organizations invest in RPA, many business leaders struggle to develop the strategic foundations that enable seamless horizontal RPA across their organizations. One key enabler [...]

  • Automation, AI & Digital Innovation Event

    We’re putting together the first association-run event that focuses on the AI enabled enterprise & digitally fueled innovation, on March 13, 2018 at Frankl'in on 26, avenue Kléber in Paris. This event will focus on topics, like: the current state of robotic process automation (RPA), what’s working and what’s not, and digitally fueled innovation. Take a look at the agenda to learn more. View Agenda Here     [...]

  • Benefits of Software As a Service & AI

    Terry Walby, the Chief Executive at Thoughtonomy, sat down with Frank Casale, the Founder at IRPA AI, to discuss the future and potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent automation. Additionally, he delves into the benefits of a software as a service platform, and how it provides an on-demand digital workforce, which can be taught to execute any process that is defined by rules and logical structure in this 3x1 [...]

  • The 2017 RPA Landscape: An Annual Review

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is dramatically changing the way companies do business, offering unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation. As the pace of technological progress quickens and automation technology matures, it can be difficult for many companies to keep up with the change. This brief overview of the current RPA landscape will help your organization learn about the state of RPA, some of the current trends and where the technology [...]

  • AI is a game-changer. It’s bigger than the internet itself.

    Interview with Frank Casale Frank Casale is an entrepreneur and founder of the Institute for the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI), a global network of executives interested in recent advancements in process automation; and the Outsourcing Institute, the largest network of outsourcing professionals in the world. I met up with him this week to discuss the latest developments in AI- and what this means for the [...]

  • The most talked about deployment models for RPA are the extremes: planting a bot-seed in a single desktop and watching it spread, or a C-level driven transformation mandate that drives change from the top. Both have the identical challenge: scaling automation with control and speed, or scaling period. In this webinar, From Desktop to Enterprise: How Bottom Up RPA Efforts Can Become C-Suite Wins, you’ll learn how companies have achieved success by [...]

  • Does your organization have a digital automation strategy in place that will utilize future emerging technologies?  Have your business processes been transformed to support the digital enterprise? Today, every business faces the threat of disruption as markets rapidly evolve and new competitors emerge. Companies that adapt and become agile digital enterprises will be the industry leaders of tomorrow. Learn about digital transformation in this webinar,Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Digital Transformation Journey, [...]

  • RUTA N Invests in IRPA AI Plan to Develop a Nearshore ‘Pipeline’ of Automation and AI Talent on Demand

    The initiative will provide companies with direct access to trained, experienced, and certified RPA & AI professionals on demand and at scale New York, NY – November 29, 2017 – RUTA N, the Colombian public-private venture dedicated to the development of innovative technology-based businesses, selected IRPA AI (The Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence), to lead its first-ever Digital Americas Pipeline Initiative (DAPI) which will develop an AI Center of Excellence and create [...]

  • Digital Labor 2.0 - The Robots Have Grown Up

    Over the past year, there has been a shift in the conversation around digital labor and robotic process automation (RPA) from digital labor 1.0, "Can this work? What type of impact will this have?" and "How do I get started" to digital labor 2.0, "How do I move faster and go big? What does scale look like and how do I get there?" As firms enter the era of digital labor [...]

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