Doing More with Less: Viktor Voss, Vice President Technologies, arago shares his insights on “Leveraging the Economic Benefits of Intelligent Automation”

All of us wish we could do more with less – less cost, less effort, less time.  For IT departments, doing more with less is a daily challenge – and a costly one at that.  Enterprises are struggling to keep up financially with the demands on IT. Viktor Voss, Vice President Technologies, arago takes a look at intelligent automation and its impact on transforming IT and improving business outcomes for enterprises around the world in this must read white paper, “Leveraging the Economic Benefits of Intelligent Automation.” At today’s pace of business — few organizations can increase spending fast enough or significantly enough to match the growing demand for IT across all aspects of the business. Compliance, legal discovery, virtual workforces and globalized economies are  impacting IT’s ability to meet even routine requirements, let alone become a strategic asset for organizational improvement.  Voss calls for revisiting budget allocations for “support” activities such as IT,  and shifting to an “investment” strategy where IT funding is viewed as critical to the company’s success.  Intelligent automation is the key to bridging the yawning gap between organizational demands on IT for applications and systems that deliver transformative capabilities and financial and manpower constraints — enabling enterprises to achieve the much-desired goal of “doing more with less.”
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