Emergence to Next Generation Service Provider

Attention: Outsourcing Service Providers

Over the last few years, more and more practitioners are beginning to embrace automation and AI. But, the majority of service providers have not yet transformed their business model, and will need to in order to survive, thrive and outcompete.

View this webinar about the emergence to the next generation service provider.

Join us to learn about:

  • Most common mistakes that outsourcing service providers are making in this new automation and AI fueled marketplace
  • The new decision-making criteria vs. the old decision-making criteria
  • New pricing and selling strategies
  • How do service providers minimize the impact of cannibalizing their traditional business?

This webinar is the first of a series that will highlight topics that we’re discussing at the pre-conference Next Generation Sales & Marketing Day for the Automation Innovation event, this December in NYC and London.

If you want to join the entire series, you need to register for the event.

The Automation Innovation event is the first and only association-run automation event, focusing on “Exploiting the Second Wave” of automation, including RPA, intelligent automation and artificial intelligence. Request the agenda.

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