NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 2, 2018 – Today, The Institute for Robotic Process Automation & AI (IRPA AI) has announced its Italy Chapter to be led by Vincix Group’s CEO and Founder, Vincenzo Marchica.

IRPA AI’s partnership with Vincix Group will provide this new chapter with leading-edge market intelligence, best practices, networking opportunities and other essential resources and guidance that are necessary to build a successful ecosystem. The chapter will also serve as a platform to deliver training, talent and access to the next wave of emerging RPA and AI tech.

“We have aggressive plans in this space and jumped at this opportunity to be associated with IRPA AI as Italy’s Chapter lead in order to further position ourselves as committed industry leaders,” said Vincix CEO and Founder, Vincenzo Marchica. “We firmly believe that Robotic Process Automation is the way forward to market challenges in a competitive environment. RPA represents a winning strategic move towards optimization and competitiveness, and our designation as an IRPA AI Chapter Leader will help us guide our regional business community to better compete in a global market.”

“We’re proud to partner with Vincix Group and have Vincenzo at the helm of the Italy Chapter,” said IRPA AI Founder Frank Casale. “It has become clear to us that the expansion of IRPA AI into regional chapters allows for additional training and education opportunities, technology and an enhanced connectedness throughout the global RPA & AI community.”

This announcement comes just weeks before Vincix Group’s 2018 RPA AI Congress, to be held in Rome on May 9. The 2018 event will feature 10 international speakers and subject matter experts.

If you’re interested in having or launching an IRPA AI chapter in the U.S. or abroad (specifically in Asia, Europe or Latin America), please contact Melissa Kramer at melissa.kramer@irpanetwork.com  to receive a Chapter lead benefits overview summary.


Founded in 2013, the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI) is an independent professional association and knowledge forum for the buyers, sellers, influencers and analysts of robotic process automation, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence. Our global network and advisory services offer leading-edge market intelligence, industry research, sourcing assistance, events as well as offer opportunities to learn and network with stakeholders across service industry functions. Membership in IRPA AI is free. To join and to learn more about IRPA AI please visit: www.irpaai.com.

About Vincix Group

Founded by Vincenzo Marchica, Vincix Group is a multi-national RPA and AI company focused on streamlining, optimizing and automating key processes for customers. Vincix Group’s RPA solutions do not require changes in IT or hardware resources, ensuring accelerated flow of information, reducing operational errors and eliminating delays. Vincix Group’s ultimate goal is to make business processes more robust, faster and more efficient. Find out more by visiting: http://vincixgroup.com/.




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