IRPA AI Announces Automation Innovation NY Google Keynote Speaker, Murtaza Lukmani

MatzIRPA AI Founder, Frank Casale, Interviews Google’s, Murtaza Lukmani, about Google’s differentiator, the great AI awakening, and where the big opportunity lies ahead


Frank Casale: How would you differentiate Googles strategic direction today vs a decade ago?

Murtaza Lukmani: A decade ago our users were entering a cross device enabled mobile space. We had focused heavily to improve our solutions to make it ready for this cross mobile reality , learn how this works on gambling mobile apps via gamblingapps.com. The strategic direction today is around advanced machine learning and it’s implication towards automation.

Frank Casale: You’ve referred to the great AI awakening.  Please describe this.

Murtaza Lukmani: We have heavily invested in our teams and resources engaged in the realm of machine learning and artificial intelligence. This is evident in some of our key products like Allo, Google Home, Assistant and Google Smart Cars. More visible AI product enhancements in our ADS products are evident in are launch of Data-driven attribution, Smart Bidding for search and programmatic enhancements for digital marketing.

fcFrank Casale: What should business and tech leaders be focused on today?  Where is the big opportunity?

Murtaza Lukmani: Today’s business should focus on being cross device driven and aim to reduce work loads via smart automation and efficient spending via data-driven attribution. Leaving more room for greater creative and strategic thinking.


We’re proud to present that Matz Lukmani, EMEA Product Lead, Attribution & Measurement, at Google will be the opening keynote at the 4th Annual Automation Innovation Event in NYC and London.

Organizations that aren’t up to date with RPA, will find themselves falling behind as the second wave of automation, cognitive, and artificial intelligence washes over them. In the second wave, organizations and businesses will surf on top of the wave, swim along with it, or sink and drown.

In Matz’s keynote session, he will explore what’s in the second wave, how to accelerate change and 2020 vision. Take a look at the agenda to learn more.


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