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  • RPA In Action: Top Insurance Company in US Deploys a Customized Cloud in Under 120 Days

    RPA In Action: This case study for a major US-based insurance company, with a global footprint, sought a new solution after realizing that its virtual cloud-based IT infrastructure could not be orchestrated with human engineers alone. The Insurance Company was undergoing a large transformation to move to a greenfield private cloud infrastructure capable of scaling to 200,000 virtual machines (VMs) over the next few years. If you cannot see this [...]

  • Wall Street & Technology - Using RPA in Banking to Streamline Development

    As the savings once delivered by outsourcing continues to decline, financial services firms are looking for other ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs in the areas of back-office processing and in the IT organization. Robotic Process Automation may help. Written by Frank Casale, Founder & CEO of the Institute for Robotic Process Automation, and published by Wall Street & Technology, this article answers the "What" and "How" about RPA, [...]

  • Academic Whitepaper: Criteria, Use Cases and Effects of Information Technology Process Automation (ITPA)

    Enterprise Architect at Hewlett-Packard, Fung Han Ping, PhD, clears the nubilous space around Information Technology Process Automation (ITPA) like never before in this highly informative Academic Whitepaper highlighting criteria, use cases and effects of ITPA. The study covers areas of ITPA from benefits and negative effects, to guidance in adoption and deployment. If you cannot see this PDF please click here   [...]

  • Collaborative Contracting: A New Kind Of Deal

    With the market in a constant state of flux, outsourcing customers should look to a new kind of deal, rather than the arduous existing operating model of engaging in outsourcing contracts.  It's time to partner with an Advisor who has a forward thinking mindset. If you cannot see this PDF please click here     [...]

  • RPA in Action: Eliminating Inefficiencies

    RPA in Action: Eliminating Inefficiencies In this case study you will find how a financial firm reduced their manual intervention by 50%, replacing manual processes with automation, and dramatically increased service delivery quality in just 90 days. If you cannot see this PDF please click here   [...]

  • Five Ways Robotic Process Automation is Revolutionizing the Role of the CIO

    By Frank Casale, CEO and Founder, Institute for Robotic Process Automation Robotic process automation embodies the new wave of transformative technology. It is reshaping the way organizations approach both specific workflows and, on a larger scale, the potential for corporate growth. At the junction of innovation, information and technology, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) has a unique vantage point and can leverage robotic process automation to increase influence and relevance within [...]

  • White Paper: HfS research - Creating an Automation Operational Framework for the Marketplace

    Charles Sutherland, Senior Vice President, BPO Strategies for HfS Research, wrote “Framing a Constitution for Robotistan,” a few months ago. This white paper highlights the necessity for creating an Automation operational framework for members of the marketplace, including clients, sourcing advisors, and service providers, and how this disruptive technology is affecting how business processes are managed, solutioned and delivered across HR, Finance & Accounting, Procurement, Supply Chain, CEM, and Legal [...]

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