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  • 3×1 Interview with Al Tepper, Founder of Disruptive Marketing Agency, TepFu – 3 automation questions, 1 automation expert

      What trends are you observing in the tech start up space at this time? I occupy an interesting seat with three quite different views: of the outsourcing and business services space; of the disruptive marketing space; and last, of the startup & incubator space. This fascinating viewpoint converges: the growing business services and SaaS space; the needs of both enterprises and startups and the disruptive marketing required to start the engines sufficiently [...]

  • Impact of RPA on outsourcing - Interview with WGroup founder Harry Wallaesa

    Frank Casale, IRPA AI Founder, recently met with Harry Wallaesa, President & CEO of the advisory group WGroup over lunch in NYC. The setting was upscale downtown. The commentary was candid and for many, a wakeup call as to who in the ecosystem is about to get disrupted.  Maybe you. Frank’s questions for Harry were as follows: FC: How real is the impact of RPA and autonomics on traditional outsourcing? HW: It’s an [...]

  • [Expert Interview] Albridge Europe’s Barry Matthew discusses automation trends with Frank Casale

    Earlier this month, Founder of IRPA Network, Frank Casale, spoke with Automation Innovation sSpeaker, Barry Matthews, Managing Director of Alsbridge Europe. In the interview, Barry and Frank discusses trends in the process automation space including the shift from research to execution, the changing role of IT and how aspirants can approach execution. FC: We themed this year’s conference "The Year of the Robot.” Late last year when planning I predicted that 2016 [...]

  • 3x1 Interview with Ian Barkin, Co-Founder and Head of Strategy, Symphony Ventures - 3 automation questions, 1 automation expert

    Ian Barkin is Co-Founder and Head of Strategy at Symphony Ventures, the leading RPA-specific services firm – offering consulting, implementation and managed services. He is a serial entrepreneur and experienced innovator who has built several Innovation Labs and has been at the forefront of trends including Internet of Things, supply chain BPO, Design Thinking, and Robotic Process Automation.  Ian’s focus at Symphony is to enable positive disruption for clients, by [...]

  • 3x1 Interview with Guy Kirkwood, COO of UiPath - 3 automation questions, 1 automation expert

    Guy Kirkwood is COO of UiPath, a leading intelligent automation vendor. He has 20 years' experience in outsourcing and a particular interest in the future of shared services and BPO. He is a writer and presenter on RPA and the future of work. IRPA AI Founder Frank Casale recently had an opportunity to catch up with Guy Kirkwood, COO of UiPath. In his interview with Frank, Guy provided his observations on automation activities [...]

  • An IRPA AI Interview: Max Yankelevich, Founder and CEO, WorkFusion

    Automation, the Next Wave of Outsourcing Max Yankelevich, Founder and CEO, WorkFusion shares his views on the disruptor play automation is having today on the outsourcing community and his vision of what the landscape will look like by 2020 with Raheem Hasan, President and Co-Founder of IRPA AI. Max discusses the evolutionary path WorkFusion sees with its clients, who are progressing from RPA to AI and cognitive. By 2020, [...]

  • An IRPA Interview: Tanvir Khan, Vice President, Business Process Outsourcing, Dell Services

    Changes in BPO and the Impact of Process Automation Tanvir Khan, Vice President, Business Process Outsourcing, Dell Services discusses his take on the changes in BPO and the impact that RPA is having on the community with Raheem Hasan, President and Co-Founder of IRPA AI. With a mature market, customers want accountability from their outsourcing partners and they expect outsourcing to have a positive impact their core business, helping satisfy their [...]

  • RPA and Intelligent Automation: Impact on the Advisor Community

    A 3x1 Interview: (three RPA questions, one RPA expert) Frank Casale, President of arago US  Advisors: Time for a Fast Pivot As labor arbitrage gets replaced by Intelligent Automation, an entirely new playbook and price book is emerging.          Raheem Hasan: When we see or hear about the impact of disruptive technology discussed it's typically in context of the enterprise. You've been vocal about its impact on the advisors. Why is this such a hot [...]

  • Two Years In: Alsbridge CEO Chip Wagner Sits Down with IRPA Founder Frank Casale to discuss IRPA’s Anniversary, Disruption, Digital Labor and More

    Chip Wagner, CEO of Alsbridge and this year’s IRPA AI Conference Co-Chair sits down with IRPA AI Founder Frank Casale to reflect on the Institute’s Two Year anniversary, the evolution of the RPA market and its growth, drivers, acceptance and potential. This “finger on the industry pulse” Q&A captures the disruption and impact of digital labor in the marketplace and features predictions on what lies ahead in what is [...]

  • Industry Leader Perspectives: Akiba Stern, Partner at Loeb & Loeb LLP on RPA, Risks and Liabilities

    Akiba Stern, Partner at Loeb & Loeb LLP and a long time respected industry advisor on all matters concerning professional services, IT outsourcing, and business process outsourcing, shares his views on Robotic Process Automation, cognitive computing, and the role that risk and liability play in today's RFP process. Akiba joins IRPA AI’s Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Frank Casale to reflect on the industry changes and what lies ahead on the [...]

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