The Present and Future of RPA Innovation at Softomotive

RPA is a large and growing part of modern business, delivering significant benefits to enterprises worldwide. As the technology evolves and its benefits become clearer, RPA solutions are entering the mainstream. Solutions will only continue to become more powerful and able to deliver greater value as technology improves and labor becomes more expensive. The present and future of RPA is bright and businesses looking to stay competitive should continue to adopt new solutions and mature their implementations.

Since their launch in 2005, Softomotive has strived to help companies of all sizes adopt RPA and deliver solutions that provide greater value to the business. The company recently announced its Series A financing round of $25 million with Grafton Capital. This significant investment will help Softomotive build on its strong and growing position in the rapidly-expanding RPA market. In this interview with Softomotive CEO Marios Stavropoulos, we explore the present and future of RPA innovation at Softomotive.

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