Robotic Process Automation at Xchanging

Robotic Process Automation at Xchanging” is the second working paper from The London School of Economics and Political Science research series on RPA presented by Professor Leslie Willcocks, Professor Mary Lacity and Senior Research Fellow, Andrew Craig. The research team assesses the current and long-term effects of business services automation on client organizations. While using software to automate work is not a new idea, recent interest in service automation has certainly escalated with the introduction of new technologies including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Cognitive Intelligence (CI) tools. Many potential adopters of the new types of service automation tools remain skeptical about the claims surrounding its promised business value. Potential adopters need exposure to actual and realistic client adoption stories.

This working paper provides major insights into the deployment of Robotic Process Automation in the insurance sector, providing a detailed case study on Xchanging. The paper outlines eight lessons for those about to embark upon, or already undertaking automation. The Xchanging case study also challenges four common ‘myths’ about Robotic Process Automation. To find out what these are please read below.

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