Service Desk at a Tipping Point: Why the drive to automate IT Support revolved around the end-point, and not the help desk

Three veteran IT support and service experts recently got together to discuss the evolution of the service desk.  They agreed that service and support is getting better, but not fast enough.  And they concluded that the future of the service desk was not at the “desk” but in the “cloud.”  Here are some of their key points:

· The biggest source of value in IT service and support is the ability for service and support to return productive hours to end users.

· Bypassing the service desk and automating support functions (with AI) can return 10-15 hours of productivity to each enterprise worker.

· Endpoint management must be a part of any AI solution with service and support going forward. You want to try and prevent incidents and service requests from happening in the first place.

Hear them discuss the future of the service desk in this video.

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