Struggling with Business Justification for Small RPA Projects

As RPA becomes more mature and powerful, businesses of all sizes are looking to take advantage of its potential to increase productivity and grow the business without adding headcount. However, there is a significant amount of confusion around RPA, what it can actually do and the perceived complexity that surrounds it. This can create artificially high barriers to entry for some companies.

Many have misconceptions about the high costs of RPA software, thinking that skilled consultants and infrastructure are needed to support it. This perpetuates the idea that only large RPA projects can deliver the ROI necessary to justify the project. Because of this, many smaller RPA projects are not getting off the ground and major opportunities are being missed.

In reality, the need for upfront investment can be minimal in new RPA implementations. Companies simply need to adopt a more pragmatic approach and start small, learn quickly and scale seamlessly. This approach will allow them to gain quick automation wins and justify larger deployments later.

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