The IT Function and Robotic Process Automation

Notables in the field of outsourcing and RPA, Professor Leslie Willcocks, Professor Mary Lacity and Senior Research Fellow, Andrew Craig have joined forces to present The London School of Economics and Political Science series of research papers on RPA. In this first paper, “The IT Function and Robotic Process Automation,” the team conducts in-depth casework and interviews to show the misunderstanding about RPA’s attributes, and how RPA fits with corporate IT architectures, infrastructures, skills sets, governance and security procedures. The paper documents via case studies the unnecessary barriers to adopting RPA, and delays to gaining the large process and business benefits, while also featuring RPA adopters that have automated over 35 percent of their backoffice transactions. These adopters report significant, multiple, often simultaneous benefits ranging across cost, process efficiency accuracy, regulatory compliance, speed, reliability, error reduction, and improved customer satisfaction. The report finds that once corporate users pilot and adopt RPA, all report greatly expanded RPA usage – both in volume and extension to new processes.

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