The Key Legal Issues That Companies Need to Consider as They Implement RPA & Artificial Intelligence

Ken Adler, Chair, Technology and Outsourcing Group at Loeb & Loeb, joins Frank Casale, Founder of IRPA AI, and Thomas Young, Managing Partner at RUMJog Enterprises for this month’s episode of Digital Dose. This episode focuses on the key legal issues that companies need to consider as they implement RPA & artificial intelligence. View this video to learn:

– Legal differences between outsourcing and RPA/AI

– How using the old playbook for the new model will brew a storm of frustration

– Why you shouldn’t get married to your RPA platform

– The tug of war with data usage, ownership and rights

– How software as a service shifts the risk of capital loss from the buyer to the seller

– How to avoid the hostage crisis situation with freedom to operate





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