Executive Expert Interview with Royal Mail’s Deputy Head of Data Science, Kat James

Royal Mail’s Head of Data Science, Kat James joins IRPA AI’s President, Media & Events, Daniel Goodstein, to explore:

  • What is the role of the deputy head of data science and why is it important an organization?
  • Changes in the past several years as it relates to data and analytics
  • How is data analytics used at Royal Mail?
  • AI and how it is being leveraged at Royal Mail

Kat James, Deputy Head of Data Science at Royal Mail, will speak at this year’s Automation Innovation London Conference, on November 6th at ETC Venues in London. She will participate in a panel discussion about harnessing artificial intelligence from use case to enterprise scaling. To learn more about this session, and other speakers and topics, check out the agenda or visit www.irpaai.com/automationinnovation.




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