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Practitioner’s Perspective: Avaya Exec's Automation Roadmap

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In our latest installment of the Practitioner’s Perspective & Executive Interview Series, Ramesh Balanagu, Head of Digital Automation at Avaya, shares his real-world experiences with implementing automation tools, as well as how to measure results from these projects.

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Part II: AI & Supercharging Your RPA with Forbes' Tom Taulli

In Part 2 of our interview with Tom Taulli, author of books on both AI and RPA, as well as a Forbes contributor on those topics, Tom dives into AI and how it can exponentially improve the power of your RPA implementations.

Tom’s passion for AI is evident in this quick interview, where he advocates AI for all, a topic he covers in his book, “Artificial Intelligence, A Non-Technical Introduction’. He provides several examples to support his position that AI can be used to make RPA bots smart. And, just like in the previous video, Tom talks about a few of the things you need to consider when leveraging AI for your RPA.

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