About This Event

Our fourth annual Automation Innovation conference, “2017: Exploiting the Second Wave,” is all about taking the lessons learned in the last three years, and applying those to harness the power of RPA, Cognitive Computing, and Artificial Intelligence today. We’re at the tipping point in our industry where there is no turning back. The first wave of early adopters have put the technology to the test – and are now gearing up for the Second Wave that takes lessons learned and goes beyond the first implementations.

The software is smarter and so are we.

This year’s conference provides the foundation for those who are beginning their investment in Automation, enabling them to learn from the successes and challenges learned during the first wave. Second Wavers will benefit from more challenging and thoughtful content that addresses key issues such as scaling up and developing Centers of Excellence. Conference attendees will be able to select from two different tracks with our expanded program, participating in either beginner or advanced education sessions, workshops, special interest groups and breakouts sessions, as well as hear the latest trends and implementation case studies.

Track 1:
Where to begin: This track will focus on clarifying key terms, targeting your first process, planning
your POC, and build business using RPA, Cognitive and AI technologies, and more.

Track 2:
How to scale: This advanced track will address crafting your end-to-end automation
strategy, building a COE (Center of Excellence), mashups, build vs buy strategies, IP ownership,
security, governance, benefits beyond cost save and more.

To Exploit the Second Wave, you will need to have a solid understanding of:

  • What are the latest technologies and related categories?
  • What's real and what's hype with regards to labor cost reduction, reduction in human error, speed scale and regulatory risk mitigation?
  • What does an automation roadmap look like?
  • What does a typical business case look like?
  • What are the new pricing and licensing models?
  • How do I protect my company's intellectual property?
  • If this is less about one technology and more about a mash-up then what is the ideal combination?
  • Should I work with a service provider or go directly to a software provider and build my own solution?
  • Where does the innovation come from and what does it look like?
  • Isn't this the new outsourcing or do we even need outsourcing, anymore?
  • What do the first wave of practitioners have to say about the processes, the results and what would they would do differently?
  • How do I develop a Center of Excellence?
  • What benefits can I realize beyond cost save?

IRPA AI is front and center in the automation ecosystem – bringing together buyers, consultants and providers, to assess the true merits of RPA, cognitive, and artificial intelligence software with an objective eye and an independent voice. Join us as we continue to push the digital envelope and leverage our global ecosystem to deliver the best speakers and the most interactive audience. At this conference, you will meet and hear from the leading experts and customers who are ushering in the Second Wave of transition from traditional labor to RPA, Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn about and experience the Second Wave of Automation Innovation.