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  • RPA and ROI in Customer Service Centers: When Bicycles Fly?

    By Chris Surdak, JD Senior IRPA AI Contributor Some of the most spectacular stories about ROI in the world of RPA come from the automation of customer service processes. There are tales, perhaps myths, of giant organizations using RPA in customer service centers generating full ROI within days, if not hours, of implementation. These service centers previously employed thousands of human workers who answered phones and questions. Post-implementation, these same centers [...]

  • Intelligent Automation: Your Roadmap to Successful Transformation

    By Pascal Bornet Senior IRPA AI Contributor Despite this widespread adoption of IA, there remain significant challenges to transforming initial efforts into large-scale, enterprise-wide IA implementations. My takeaway from years of helping companies enables me to provide a transformation roadmap — broken down into four main components. Project launch For an IA initiative to succeed, it must be championed at the highest levels of management. According to a McKinsey survey, an IA transformation [...]

  • Robotic Process Automation: Lessons from the Pandemic

    By Chris Surdak, JD Senior IRPA AI Contributor Reports from research organizations — such as Gartner and Deloitte in 2018 and 2019 — found as few as 4% of organizations were able to achieve operational scale with RPA, typically meaning more than 50 bots in production. Again and again, organizations found that when implemented in an incremental, piece-meal, try-before-you-commit manner, RPA rarely provided the value initially promised. Many organizations clearly saw [...]

  • Research: 1st Quantifiable Method to Identify/Prioritize Candidates for RPA

    By Carlos Alvarenga IRPA AI Expert Contributor & Advisor     If you have not heard of RPA, you will soon New research presents the first quantifiable method to identify and prioritize the best candidates for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) If you spend time with an enterprise technology strategist today, you will soon hear about the promise of something called Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Depending on whom you speak with, RPA is, at least, a great [...]

  • How to succeed in your IA transformation

      By Pascal Bornet IRPA AI Expert Contributor & Advisor The content of this article is inspired by the Amazon bestseller book “Intelligent Automation.” In my previous article, I detailed my view of the five imperatives that our societies need to address to prepare for the widespread adoption of Intelligent Automation (IA). However, although very few governments have started thinking about potential consequences of IA in the near future, a large number [...]

  • Building the Future of Employee Experience With Intelligent Automation

        By Pascal Bornet IRPA AI Expert Contributor & Advisor       The content of this article is inspired by the Amazon best-seller book "Intelligent Automation". Work is a major part of our lives. A third of our lives is devoted to it. Our world has billions of workers. It's a key component of our societies. However, work breaks many challenges that become more and more complex. In this article, I will attempt to answer [...]

  • The Power of Intelligent Automation to Reinvent our Society

    By Pascal Bornet, IRPA AI Expert Contributor &  Advisor The idea of a “Fourth Industrial Revolution” was coined in 2016 by Klaus Schwab, executive chairman and founder of the World Economic Forum. The first revolution brought the steam engine, the second mass production and the third digital technology. Each of these brought along massive disruptions and fundamentally transformed our modern societies. We are now entering into the fourth industrial revolution, brought along by [...]

  • Robotic process automation (RPA) has become a staple item in the IT toolbox, like safety goggles or work gloves: You just can’t do the job right without it. Automated processes aren’t going anywhere any time soon. That’s because in theory, automation enables greater efficiency and helps improve productivity. Yet, the old RPA Catch-22 can be a thorn in the side of tech innovators. There’s always a “bot tipping point,” the unfortunate juncture where [...]

  • RPA Strategy & Process Discovery with ServiceNow

    In this week's Executive Interview Series segment, IRPA AI's Daniel Goodstein speaks with Manjeet Singh, Director of Product Management at ServiceNow about How they jumped in to the RPA space, Process Mining and Continual Automation.https://youtu.be/ZXug6khays4The discussion includes:- The recent ServiceNow acquisition In the RPA space- ServiceNow's RPA Strategy- No Code and it's Importance to ServiceNow's offerings- Expert Advice on Process Intelligence and Continual Automation  For a free briefing with one of [...]

  • The Pitfalls of Poor Allocation Management

    By Chandra SubramanianORS Group Allocation management is one of the most important aspects of running a fully functional supply chain. According to the 2018 State of Retail Supply Chain report published by the Retail Industry Leaders Association and Auburn University, managing allocation issues is one of the key challenges that define the market today — and rightly so. There are various risks associated with poor allocation management, and it is in [...]

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