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  • No-Code Brings Automation to Market Faster

    Digital transformation takes a customer-driven, digital-first approach to every aspect of business, including business models, customer experiences, processes, and operations. It utilizes digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and hybrid cloud, to leverage data and drive intelligent processes, faster and smarter decision-making, and real-time responses to market disruption. Ultimately, digital transformation changes customer expectations and creates new business opportunities. The automation market was already experiencing strong growth before the pandemic, due [...]

  • Defining Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    This research explores the attended RPA journey from an enterprise practicioners' perspective and identifies capabilities that matter most to enterprises. It also looks at how mature enterprises have deployed attended RPA at scale to provide insights into the product capabilities for which enterprises have a greater preference. Download Report [...]

  • What’s New in Attended and Augmented Automation with Gareth Hole

    What's new in attended and augmented automation? Gareth Hole, Strategic Alliances Director for Robotics and AI at NICE, explains how augmented automation can enable contact centers to: 1. Have more meaningful conversations with customers 2. Ensure compliance in complex sales and service situations 3. Coach employees in real time Click below for full interview. [...]

  • RPA Is Not Enough: 4 Steps to Digital Workflow Transformation

    Robotic process automation (RPA) gets a lot of attention, and rightfully so. Multiple studies have indicated it’s the technology most often deployed by companies to support their digital transformation efforts. Yet despite the investment and commitment, it’s clear that by itself, RPA is not enough to meet the demands placed on businesses operating in a digital world. Resilient organizations know they need to be agile in order to survive and succeed. They [...]

  • Attended Automation: Streamlining Contact Center Workflow

    Collection agencies and departments are under relentless pressure to maximize recovery rates while minimizing collection costs. These imperatives are demanding enough in the best of times. Now, the pandemic and more rigorous regulation are intensifying the challenge. In this blog, NICE explains how organizations can drive more effective collection processes while ensuring compliance and boosting efficiency by embracing intelligent automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning. Download Blog [...]

  • RPA Reality Check

    As organizations continue to embrace RPA on a global scale, many are experiencing the challenges of scaling and driving through the business benefits of their automation investments. To truly unleash the full value of RPA, organizations need to embrace the potential value of a blended human-robot workforce. In this white paper, NICE unpacks practical tools and approaches to: Effectively harness both the tactical and longer-term strategic value of RPA Develop a [...]

  • Unpacking the True Value of Attended Automation

    A Virtual Personal Assistant for Every Employee as a Sustainable Enabler for Digital Transformation This whitepaper unpacks and explores the fascinating technology powering NEVA (NICE Employee Virtual Attendant), that is Attended Automation. In today’s digital economy, most enterprises are embracing various forms of digital transformation practices to remain relevant and competitive. Attended Automation technology is a critical component in any digital transformation initiative, as it provides the human workforce with real-time [...]

  • Scaling Up Success with Attended Automation

    In this paper we will explore the benefits of attended automation as a critical element of successfully scaling intelligent automation programs. We will also take a look at the steps organizations should take to successfully scale up their intelligent automation efforts to unleash the full return on their investments in this potentially transformational technology. Download Whitepaper [...]

  • In Times of Change, Employee Virtual Assistants/Attended Bots are Work-at-Home Agents, Too

    After a few months of adjusting to the ‘new normal’, the contact center world is starting to settle down – at home. This means that millions of agents across the globe are adjusting both emotionally and professionally to completely new working conditions. At this time, Attended RPA bots are changing the face of the contact center. In this white paper, Frost & Sullivan explores the instrumental role of attended bots, serving [...]

  • Top 8 Ways RPA Can be Used in Healthcare

    The drive to reduce costs is countered by the need to continuously improve the patient experience and meet regulations that often require onerous paperwork and reporting. In healthcare organizations, many repetitive processes and decisions rely on the availability of accurate data. For example, patient onboarding and follow-ups, medical billing and claims processing, generating reports for physicians, and prescription management are some of the repetitive tasks common across all healthcare organizations. These [...]

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