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  • How to Achieve Optimal End User Support with IT Support Tools

    With each new incarnation of IT support products, we’re finding that the expectation from end users, concerning issues and resolution cycles times, are getting shorter and shorter. End users are now looking for their problems to be solved in 30 seconds or less. Scripting for specific solutions and reactive policy engines, are not flexible enough to anticipate the dynamic changing nature of IT environments. Which, is why a level of [...]

  • IRPA AI Event Sponsor Highlight

    Our ecosystem of thousands of buyers and influencers are actively evaluating digitally fueled services, RPA and AI to cut costs, optimize efficiency and transform the enterprise. Our events are the place to network, meet your next customer and position your company as a thought leader/innovator. Don’t take our word for it though – view this video and hear it for yourself. To learn more about how you can get involved, [...]

  • Cognitive Orchestration and Process Autonomics - Beyond RPA

    Research conducted by IRPA AI shows that 70% of companies have implemented robotic process automation (RPA). Yet challenges like siloed systems and lack of user-friendly interfaces are holding back ROI. It’s time for a radical reimagining of the transactional automation approach and how users interact with RPA.In this  webinar, “Cognitive Orchestration and Process Autonomics - Beyond RPA,” HCL Technologies presents an overview of how its DRYiCE platform helps companies maximize [...]

  • Setting up the Automation Center of Excellence

    A critical item for success in enterprise automation is the automation center of excellence (CoE). The CoE is the key governing body that sets up, monitors and measures the success of the automation implementation. IRPA AI and EdgeVerve are presenting a live webinar, “Setting up the Automation Center of Excellence,” to discuss best practices in setting up the automation CoE. Register now to reserve your seat.Viewers of “Setting up the [...]

  • Why is the Intelligent Automation Journey So Painful?

    While there's no doubt that intelligent automation can bring value to an organization, the journey to get there is excruciatingly painful. It shouldn’t be hard to get the answers to questions like: how much does it cost, what does it do, where do I get people to support it, how do I install it, etc. In this 6-minute video interview, Sam Gross, CEO at ChoiceWORX, dives into what's wrong with the current process and [...]

  • Solving End User Device Challenges With Intelligent Automation

    Why is it, that with today's advancements with intelligent automation (IA), end user support is still delivered in a primarily legacy fashion? Can we optimize the end user experience with IA? Are there any real benefits to doing this (cost save, time save, ect.)? Check out this expert video interview with Sam Gross, CEO at ChoiceWORX, to learn more.    [...]

  • Future of RPA & AI

    Sarah Burnett, Vice President at Everest Group, spoke to Frank Casale, Founder at IRPA AI, to give the low down on the future of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) and how these disruptive technologies will affect the industry in this 3x1 (3 questions, 1 expert) interview.View Interview Here     [...]

  • RPA Gaga (All we hear is)

    Throughout the automation industry media, the hype around cost reduction continues to proliferate. We call it “RPA gaga”. We’ve all heard of cost reductions greater than 40% but the reality is that over 95% of RPA adopters never see anywhere near those levels. In our live webinar, “RPA Gaga (All we hear is)” we’ll discuss the critical factors needed for attaining acceptable – and outstanding – ROI. Register now to [...]

  • Digitally Fueled Innovation in France: A Legal Perspective

    Bradly Joslove, Partner at Franklin Law Firm, joined Frank Casale, Founder of the Institute for Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI) to discuss how data protection in Europe will be affected by new technologies (like: RPA, AI and digital services), what companies must do to prepare, which industries will be affected the most, and what unprecedented legal issues (if any) will come from digitally fueled innovation in this [...]

  • Road to Innovation with Avasant & Usertech

    Edward Wilson-Smythe, Principal at Avasant, and Jan Beránek, CEO at Usertech joined Frank Casale, Founder at IRPA AI, to discuss key factors on why companies struggle with innovation, why middle management is delaying innovation for personal reasons, how innovation must be decentralized in order to be successful, what key challenge businesses face in the wake of digital disruption and so much more in this exclusive interview.View Interview Here     [...]

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