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    Chip Wagner, Alsbridge’s, CEO and Frank Casale, Founder & CEO of IRPA AI discuss impact that RPA will have on the marketplace and how new technology players will carve out niches in what we have known as the traditional outsourcing space. They discuss the “Old Play Book vs. the New Play Book” and how we now have a new ecosystem of unique and niche providers. He gives keen advice to [...]


    Phil Fersht, Founder and CEO of HfS Research and Raheem Hasan CMO of IRPA AI discuss the recently announced HfS maturity model and Phil's insight and perspectives on how robotic process automation (RPA) will drive a significant shift in the marketplace over the next 3 – 5 years. [...]


    The Institute for Robotic Process Automation’s (IRPA AI) CEO and Founder, Frank Casale speaks with Raheem Hasan, IRPA AI’s CMO about the creation and strategy behind the founding of this independent professional association and knowledge forum for the buyers, sellers, influencers and analysts of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Listen and learn how RPA is disruptive in nature and is transforming the way we do business.   [...]

  • WEBINAR-RPA Experts Talk-Emergence of RPA with IRPA AI’s CMO Raheem Hasan

    This one hour webinar (sponsored and hosted by The Technology Executive Club) is based on an article published by Frank Casale, Founder and CEO of IRPA AI, titled Here Come the Robots: The Emergence of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and the Beginning of the End of Outsourcing As We Know It. This panel discussion was conducted with a stellar line-up of industry experts including, Terry Walby-Founder and Chief Executive of [...]

  • RPA – Automation Then and Automation now

    RPA pioneer Chris Boos, Founder & CEO of arago, sits down with Frank Casale, Founder and CEO of IRPA AI to share his insights on “RPA – Automation Then and Automation Now”. Chris believes that RPA is about building solutions on the fly to tackle problems never predicted. The vision at arago is that “people should have more time”, and they intend to deliver that with providing artificial intelligence to [...]

  • Expert Interview: What do you think? An interview discussing, “ShiBLA:, Shift Beyond Labor Arbitrage and the “As a Service” Economy

    In a recent interview with Phil Fersht, President and CEO of HfS Research, hosted by Frank Casale, Founder and CEO of The Institute of Robotic Process Automation, they discuss in-depth the critical trends that robotic automation is bringing to the business outsourcing model as we know it. . [...]

  • VIDEO: IT Service Providers Brace for Impact - ISG Alumni Partner and IRPA Senior Advisor Tom Young discusses why Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a threat

    RPA Trends and Directions: As part of its ongoing Expert Video Interview Series, the Outsourcing Institute (OI) and the Institute for Robotic Process Automation (IRPA AI) founder Frank Casale speaks with Tom Young, ISG Alumni Partner and Senior Advisor to the OI and IRPA AI. In this 12-minute on-demand video interview, Frank Casale interviews Tom Young where he shares his perspective on a few key discussions points: The threat of RPA, and [...]

  • Event Summary Part 3: IRPA AI Executive Roundtable Video Interview: Vishal Ahluwalia

    Vishal Ahluwalia, Executive Director at UBS, Head Outsourcing Group Operations Americas, speaks of the Buyers' challenges in integrating robotic process automation. He believes it will take collaboration between Vendors, Buyers and Advisors in order to adopt robotic process automation and benefit from increased quality of productivity and cost save. Please share your experiences and comment today. . [...]

  • Event Summary Part 2: IRPA AI Executive Roundtable Video Interview: Wayne Ramprashad

    IRPA Executive Roundtable Video Interview: Wayne Ramprashad, Vice President at NYSE Euronext, explains why robotic process automation is not a revolutionary phase but rather an evolving one, through his experience in voice recognition, ATMs, and interactive voice response technologies. [...]

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