Practitioner’s Perspective: Avaya Exec’s Automation Roadmap

In our latest installment of the Practitioner’s Perspective & Executive Interview Series, Ramesh Balanagu, Head of Digital Automation at Avaya shares his real-world experiences with implementing automation tools, as well as how to measure results from these projects. 

Listen in to hear Ramesh cover: 

– Why you shouldn’t implement RPA for the ‘sake’ of RPA 

– What digital transformation really means 

– from his practitioner’s perspective – The role of DevOps in automation


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Melissa Kramer

Process Optimization for Remote Work

How can businesses optimize their processes for remote work environments? Maor Revah, Head of Business Development at NICE, and Mehdi Nafe, CEO and Co-Founder of Novelis Group, discuss the market change toward remote work and ways RPA can support this environment by optimizing processes.

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Melissa Kramer

Top 3 Use Cases for Attended Automation with Adela Milano

What are the top three use cases for Attended Automation? Join Dan Goodstein, President, IRPA AI and Digital Enterprise Institute, and Adela Milano, Automation Consultant, NICE Systems, to learn more about the top three use cases for Attended Automation including ID and verification for Financial Services, “A day in the life” approach for auto insurance claims and using customer interactions to solve customer problems and create potential revenue opportunities.

Full interview below…

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Pascal’s Picks

Latest News in Intelligent Automation  Week after week, Intelligent Automation is getting more powerful supporting clients, patients, employees, companies and making our world more human.

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