Industry Perspectives and Expert Q&A’s

  • Cognirati: The End of Jobs with ADP's Jeff Wald- Part I

    Most IRPA AI members are enthusiastic about this exciting wave of automation and transformation that we are immersed in, yet very much concerned about the future...rightfully so. With that in mind our very own Frank Casale, IRPA AI founder and CoFounder of Choiceworx, got with Jeff Wald, founder of WorkMarket, an ADP company, and author of "The End of Jobs: The Rise of On- Demand Workers and Agile Corporations" to discuss [...]

  • Panel: THL, PwC, IBM & Avasant Discuss Shift to Intelligent Automation

    In partnership with Josh Bresler, the managing director of Thomas H. Lee's automation fund, IRPA AI's Daniel Goodstein hosts an expert panel on "Going beyond RPA and the shift towards Intelligent Automation" with leaders from PwC Labs, IBM's Cognitive Process Automation Group & Avasant. this panel, we discuss:- why most RPA users are seeking intelligent automation- the low-hanging fruit for intelligent automation- how has COVID has impacted the deployment of [...]

  • TechNext: Creator of the Emotional Processing Chip

    The first in our "TechNext" series, Founder of Emoshape and Architect of the Emotion Processing Chip (EPU) talks about the power of emotional computing and the future of AI with emotional intelligence. In this interview we discuss: - How to achieve a positive singularity for humans - Ensuring mankind is not reduced to the level of a machine - The need to teach machines human values - Big problems with [...]

  • Practitioner’s Perspective: Avaya Exec's Automation Roadmap our latest installment of the Practitioner's Perspective & Executive Interview Series, Ramesh Balanagu, Head of Digital Automation at Avaya shares his real-world experiences with implementing automation tools, as well as how to measure results from these projects. Listen in to hear Ramesh cover: - Why you shouldn’t implement RPA for the ‘sake’ of RPA - What digital transformation really means – from his practitioner’s perspective - The role of DevOps in automation  MORE [...]

  • Part II: AI & Supercharging Your RPA with Forbes' Tom Taulli In Part 2 of our interview with Tom Taulli, author of books on both AI and RPA, as well as a Forbes contributor on those topics, Tom dives into AI and how it can exponentially improve the power of your RPA implementations. Tom’s passion for AI is evident in this quick interview, where he advocates AI for all, a topic he covers in his book, “Artificial Intelligence, A Non-Technical Introduction’. He [...]

  • Part I: "Is RPA Recession-Proof?" w/ Forbes RPA and AI Contributor Tom Taulli

    RPA, Is It Recession-Proof? In this edition of IRPAAI and Digital Enterprise Institute's Executive Interview Series, you’ll hear from Tom Taulli, author of books on both AI and RPA, as well as a Forbes contributor on those topics. During this short interview, Tom talks about his views on why the RPA market will grow, particularly as a result of the current factors, from the complete shift in restaurant business models [...]

  • Part II: RPA's Place in a Post-COVID World with Shail Khiyara

    In the 2nd part of our discussion on Dispelling the Hype Around Automation with Shail Khiyara, we're discussing RPA's place in a Post-COVID World. Join us as we discuss: - How operations and workforces be affected - Recent acquisitions & threats to RPA players - Resiliency vs Efficiency & challenges in measurement of automation ROI Shail Khiyara was most recently the Chief Customer Experience Officer for UiPath; before that he served as CMO for Blue [...]

  • G2 Senior Analyst Reveals the Next Big Things in AI & Analytics

    In a recent Executive Interview Series discussion, we're talking to Matthew Miller, Senior Analyst for AI & Analytics at G2 about what's exciting in AI, big data vs small data and what are some of the top use cases for AI post-COVID.Also learn:-  How enterprises can start leveraging AI-  Determining the best AI ROI cases-  Related emerging technologies SCHEDULE A BRIEFING WITH AN INDUSTRY SME VIEW MORE CONTENT RESOURCES [...]

  • Dispelling the RPA Hype w/ Former Automation Executive Shail Khiyara

    In this edition of our Executive Interview Series, we're talking to a senior RPA exec who has helped run some of the top RPA firms in the space, about how we got here, dispel some of the rumors & hype around RPA and talk about what RPA looks like post COVID-19. Khiyara was most recently the Chief Customer Experience Officer for UiPath; before that he served as CMO for Blue [...]

  • Service Desk at a Tipping Point: Why the drive to automate IT Support revolved around the end-point, and not the help desk

    Three veteran IT support and service experts recently got together to discuss the evolution of the service desk.  They agreed that service and support is getting better, but not fast enough.  And they concluded that the future of the service desk was not at the "desk" but in the "cloud."  Here are some of their key points: · The biggest source of value in IT service and support is the ability for [...]

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