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  • It's all about talent! The transformational effect that RPA & AI bring to companies has created a serious shortage of experienced & qualified people who can meet the digital talent demand. According to a report published by Capgemini, 54% of organizations agreed that the digital talent gap is hampering their transformation programs, and that their organization has lost competitive advantage because of a shortage of digital talent. Frank Casale, IRPA AI Founder, sat [...]

  • A Candid Discussion About The Countdown to 2020 - The Tipping Point

    The countdown to 2020 is rapidly approaching. In this podcast, Frank Casale, IRPA AI Founder and Tom Young, RUMJOG Enterprises Managing Partner, delve into where we were three years ago compared to how the landscape will change in 2020, why it’s imperative for buyers to create a data strategy in order to be successful, how a fit for purpose AI solution is better, faster and cheaper and advice for service [...]

  • The evolution of the service desk & end user support has changed over the years, but one thing has remained the same. The current process is broken, inefficient, costly and, most importantly, vastly inconvenient for end users. Frank Casale, IRPA AI Founder, sat down with Sam Gross, ChoiceWORX CEO and former VP and CTO at CSC, Unisys and CompuCom to discuss why the current service desk model doesn’t serve the end [...]

  • MoneyGram's Head of Product/Innovation Explores Innovation Efforts & Impact of New Payment Platforms

    As part of our Practitioner Perspectives interview series that is focused on giving you first-hand insight into best practices from expert practitioners who are leading automation and digital transformation programs, MoneyGram International's Global Head of Product & Innovation, Youri Bebic, recently joined IRPA AI’s President of Media & Events, Daniel Goodstein, to explore: - What innovations are being taken on by MoneyGram - Using blockchain, RPA and AI for digital transformation - New [...]

  • Jim Noble, former CIO at General Motors, AOL, Time Warner, Altria Group (Philip Morris, Kraft Foods, Miller Brewing), Merrill Lynch, and General Electric (UK) and current CEO at Integrated Cyber Solutions joined Frank Casale, IRPA AI Founder, to discuss key cyber security challenges for mid-market companies, and the new, emerging tech that plays a role in the effectiveness of cyber solutions in this 3x1 (3 questions, 1 expert) interview. Read More [...]

  • VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Craig LeClair joins IRPA AI’s Founder, Frank Casale, to explore: Forrester’s assessment of where the RPA market is today in terms of growth and maturity RPA vs BPM Where are companies starting vs. scaling? RPA’s impact on accuracy in insurance To learn about automation strategies that are relatively cost-effective and efficient, as well as the best operating model practices for RPA to deliver long-term value [...]

  • 90% of Companies Are Doing it the Wrong Way

    According to Frank Casale, IRPA AI Founder, 90% of companies that implement RPA are doing it wrong, and therefore experiencing suboptimal results. In this 3x1 (3 questions, 1 expert) interview, Frank explores why a process led approach to automation is so important and why hundreds of companies are not meeting their ROI targets from their automation efforts. Read More Here         [...]

  • Don't Let Your Digital Deal Die - Arm Yourself With Tips & Tricks for Sales Success

    Frank Casale, deal meister, sales extraordinaire and IRPA AI Founder is here to give away his secrets to sales success. With over 20 years of sales experience, Frank has seen his fair share of do's and don'ts when it comes to closing a deal. He knows what it takes to land a deal, but also ways it can die on the vine. If you're a sales professional or looking to [...]

  • Part Two: Veteran CTO Shares Real World Experiences Leveraging Enterprise AI

    We recently heard from Mike Brady, Former CTO at AIG and SVP at Kaiser Permanente, Fidelity Investments and Merrill Lynch, as he discussed shifting beyond RPA, the importance of process thinking, co-bots and avoiding the corporate immune system. To continue the conversation, Frank Casale, IRPA AI Founder, came together with Mike Brady to explore the tectonic shift to immense productivity gains, why scale is more of a hinderance than a benefit, [...]

  • Veteran CTO Shares Real World Experiences Leveraging Enterprise AI

    Frank Casale, IRPA AI Founder, sat down with Mike Brady, Former CTO at AIG and SVP at Kaiser Permanente, Fidelity Investments and Merrill Lynch to discuss how to achieve a whole new level of productivity, the integration and benefits of CoBots, the widening digital talent gap, why you should think about moving beyond RPA and so much more in this exclusive interview. Read More Here             [...]

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