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  • Atos and Google Cloud have commissioned CIO Magazine to survey IT leaders on their plans to adopt and use artificial intelligence in their organizations. This jointly delivered webinar examines key factors that inhibit and accelerate the adoption of AI within organizations, as well as strategies and approaches for its integration into enterprise operational and business processes. In this webinar, you will learn: Key motivating factors for adopting AI How organizations are managing [...]

  • Voice + Digital + Automation Equals Contact Center on Steroids

    Join the former Head of Avaya Labs & the VP of Mobile Operations at Stratix, as we discuss the journey from a traditional voice-center contact center to a digital-centric one, combining capabilities of the smart phone with live interaction to create a richer, more personalized, and potentially revenue-creating customer interaction. Key Discussion Points: Bridging the gap from voice to digital-centric models Changing the business model from being too people-centric Knocking [...]

  • In this video, Rohail Khan, the president of the Digital Exchange Solutions, which is a division of IRPA AI, talks about why taking a process led approach to your automation journey is vital to its success.       [...]

  • How to Scale Automation: People & Technology Considerations

    According to a recent Forbes Insights survey, fewer than 50% of companies have implemented RPA holistically across their organization, instead choosing short-term gains rather than long-term competitive advantage. Organizations that want to drive real change and systemic results need to commit to a more cohesive program with top down support. But getting from here to there is never easy.  In this webinar, How to Scale Automation: People & Technology Considerations, we’ll explore [...]

  • RPA - Bridge the Gap Between IT and Business: How to Engage the Business in Digital Transformation

    An estimated 60 to 70 percent of initial robotic process automation (RPA) projects fail to meet expectations. Companies want to embrace the transformative technology, but with no sense of where to start and what processes to automate, their projects are dead on arrival. Business and IT need to partner together to find strong initial candidates for automation that return positive ROI and create momentum.  If pursued with the right amount of [...]

  • VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Craig LeClair joins IRPA AI’s Founder, Frank Casale, to explore: Forrester’s assessment of where the RPA market is today in terms of growth and maturity RPA vs BPM Where are companies starting vs. scaling? RPA’s impact on accuracy in insurance To learn about automation strategies that are relatively cost-effective and efficient, as well as the best operating model practices for RPA to deliver long-term value [...]

  • Understanding How to Scale RPA with Intelligent Automation

    In a global survey of 300 executives, Forbes Insights uncovered a fascinating indicator of the state of automation: While respondents are happy with their process automation initiatives so far, they acknowledge that manual intervention and human orchestration are still the rule rather than the exception. View this webinar featuring “State of RPA” survey results from Forbes Insights, as well as a look into emerging automation trends and the future of work. You’ll [...]

  • AI Creates Delightful Customer Journeys that Result in Better Brand Experiences

    Self-service and automation are viewed as the means to reducing costs and improving customer service. Consequently, enterprises are seeking to redirect their customers to digital channels. AI-powered chat bots that can respond to natural language inquiries are increasingly viewed as a key pillar of the new customer interface. While this is consistent with consumer preferences and works for simple tasks, as customer engagement tasks get more complex a majority of consumers [...]

  • A Holistic Approach to Unlock the Value of Automation

    While many enterprises have embarked on an automation journey, very few have unlocked it's real value. One of the key reasons is that the automation programs are run with a narrow focus on RPA execution. Enterprises need to take a holistic approach to automation beginning with process discovery and identification of automation opportunities, to managing and governing digital workers. This webinar provides an approach on how enterprises can look at automation [...]

  • Automation – the Big Picture 2018

    For many, RPA hasn’t delivered the expected returns. This has led too many companies to approach automation with caution, implementing small, contained projects that may actually stifle the greater benefits that could be realized with an enterprise-wide plan. In this webinar, RPA - The BIG Picture 2018, we explore the current state of the automation industry and the reasons behind the lack of benefit realization seen in large-scale automation projects. Nick [...]

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